just tears of joy

"the things that I didn't wipe away when the tears fell, resembled tranquility"

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I'm bored - -

but I have been reading this book lately, "Lake with no name", written by Diane Wei Liang. I'm doing an essay about it ºwº/
it's so awesome, it shows how deep is China and I'm just loving it and I guess it's the first time I truly recommend everone to read a book.
It's the author's testimony of what she experienced during her youth, while living in China. 
It's a very good book.
What makes it different from every other book I've read is that it makes us realize that our live isn't as bad as we think. When we think "The world hates me! I can't by that skirt I saw! My life fucking sucks" we should remember what we've read in this a book. If our life sucks because of a skirt, how would it be is someday, out of nowhere, someonde told us "you are leaving you house, your college studies and you are going to work on a farm until the end of your days. If you don't go, you'll be killed".

This book made me think about a lot of things I always took by granted.
And I realized that maybe life isn't as solid as I always believed.



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