just tears of joy

"the things that I didn't wipe away when the tears fell, resembled tranquility"

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Untitled, for sure~
For the 1st time (in A LOT of time) I don't know what to do O_o


xD I can't find myself in that statement, I'm always so busy
but now... I don't have stuff to do xD

Recently it was announced a photograpy contest here were I work and for a moment I thought of entering the contest, but right now... I don't know if I should. I need a photo about nature, but I really don't know what I'll send... I need inspiration... you know, when you have something in your mind, like "I want to do thid kind of thing" but you can't find it in the physical world....

ahh~ shit... I guess I'll try (if I find something good)

and yeah, after that we'll form The Band xD


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