just tears of joy

"the things that I didn't wipe away when the tears fell, resembled tranquility"

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Oh My Goddddd~!!

Holidays! 2 week holidays!!!
The fuck! this is fucking awesome, as they say xD

I've been having adventures with new tech stuff on the net xD I'm freaking out, I don't get a fuck about it
I get even more pissed because this is when I understand how old I am becoming....

And I have so much to live....
but I'll get it some day~ and I'm actually getting along well with photoshop? O_o

yeah, I guess so (mask layers~Oh my god)

and today I drank coffee *w* starbucks coffee to be more precice. coffee mocca to be more precise *W*
hohoho~ I'm lucky today (though I got a scald on the beach~ it's really hot today)



I'm sleepy xD



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