just tears of joy

"the things that I didn't wipe away when the tears fell, resembled tranquility"

... what to do, i love food...
gosh i gotta stop eating like this...

I look like Saga when doing this xD
I'm not posting here much lately, sorry

but I'm here to say that

I'm officially moving to tumblr
★my tumblr account★
{atearak @tumblr}
I won't leave lj definitely, but I won't come here as often as I did.
Whenever I post on lj, I'll announce it on tumblr ;)

feel free to visit my tumblog (and follow me)~

So.... Hi ^^/

So, a bunch of time later I have the guts to come here like "helloooo people~!" without giving news for a bunch of time...
but yeah, this is me xD what can we do?...
Well, brief summary:

- bought budoukan (alice nine tokyo galaxy - flashlight from the past finale) and watched it and loved it and I need to write a review on it;
- listen alice nine's new single BLUE FLAME and watched the PV and have to write a formal review on it;
- planing to order BLUE FLAME regular and MIRROR BALL Type A today;
- I stopped bitting my nails!!!! (>w<)/ Fuck Yes!!!!
- must start my essay to present tomorrow, now;
- must search for a funny image from the 19th century, about the 19th century, to present tuesday;
- whatelse~? [oh, yeah, I remember, but this need an entire paragraph for it]

I decided do defy the Laws of Nature and I started piano lessons. yeah, yeah, I know. I'm crazy. but i'm really catching up well xD and I'm liking it a lot. Fuck yeah~! I'm a rebel xD

I've been really busy with school recently. so busy it hurts. but this week is my last school week!! (but then, exams, but whatever) and when I think about exams I'm like yoroshiku me~
And speaking about yoroshiku, in another words, in Japanese: Finally learned Hirgana~! now i'm moving to katakana, but I'm lazy xD katakana is much more than hiragana... and I understood how music looks like japanese. reading scores is like reading japanese (and slower reading scores... but when I read japanese I jump kanji and many katakana, so... xD)
Well, I'm off to study now. It'll be difficult to concentrate, but "what has to be, has a lot of strength".

[and I'll try to not neglect this here too much]




I'm bored - -

but I have been reading this book lately, "Lake with no name", written by Diane Wei Liang. I'm doing an essay about it ºwº/
it's so awesome, it shows how deep is China and I'm just loving it and I guess it's the first time I truly recommend everone to read a book.
It's the author's testimony of what she experienced during her youth, while living in China. 
It's a very good book.
What makes it different from every other book I've read is that it makes us realize that our live isn't as bad as we think. When we think "The world hates me! I can't by that skirt I saw! My life fucking sucks" we should remember what we've read in this a book. If our life sucks because of a skirt, how would it be is someday, out of nowhere, someonde told us "you are leaving you house, your college studies and you are going to work on a farm until the end of your days. If you don't go, you'll be killed".

This book made me think about a lot of things I always took by granted.
And I realized that maybe life isn't as solid as I always believed.


I'm Back!!!!!!


I'm back home!
Oh gosh xD I never thought I would be this happy just for coming back to the city xD

Well, I joined tumblr while I was away... It's funny xD
but I'm going through the same again xD Discovering, I'm always discovering new stuff.

by the way, I've notice I've been neglecting lj... I have to do something here... I'll find someting.
And I think I know what I'll submit for the photography contest *.* I don't know if it was to do with the theme they want, but whatever


my holidays end today *cries* I've done nothing ;__;
I feel empty somehow...

but, well...


Oh~ I almost forgot. While I was away I found this chinese singer *.*
I just love her songs. She's Rainie Yang ^^/ The song I like the most is "Yu Ai" *.* it's so beautiful *.*




My life.... *faints*
You know, there are teens whose parents get mad at because they drink or take drugs or get pregnant or crush their parents car on a wall when arriving home from some party...

Well, I'm those kind of people whose parents get mad at because I spend to much time on the computer...
but yeah... I'm going on a trip to the south of my country. It's a very boring place, the youngest person there is, is 20... And there's no internet, no tv no nothing and I'm gonna die TT.TT

And finally I have tons of stuff to do... I'm myself again...

I'll see if I catch some internet from nowhere... 


My friend took this pic some days ago *.*
Very pretty


Untitled, for sure~
For the 1st time (in A LOT of time) I don't know what to do O_o


xD I can't find myself in that statement, I'm always so busy
but now... I don't have stuff to do xD

Recently it was announced a photograpy contest here were I work and for a moment I thought of entering the contest, but right now... I don't know if I should. I need a photo about nature, but I really don't know what I'll send... I need inspiration... you know, when you have something in your mind, like "I want to do thid kind of thing" but you can't find it in the physical world....

ahh~ shit... I guess I'll try (if I find something good)

and yeah, after that we'll form The Band xD

Oh My Goddddd~!!

Holidays! 2 week holidays!!!
The fuck! this is fucking awesome, as they say xD

I've been having adventures with new tech stuff on the net xD I'm freaking out, I don't get a fuck about it
I get even more pissed because this is when I understand how old I am becoming....

And I have so much to live....
but I'll get it some day~ and I'm actually getting along well with photoshop? O_o

yeah, I guess so (mask layers~Oh my god)

and today I drank coffee *w* starbucks coffee to be more precice. coffee mocca to be more precise *W*
hohoho~ I'm lucky today (though I got a scald on the beach~ it's really hot today)



I'm sleepy xD


30 Days meme ~ #21, #22, #23, #24, #25 day
The fuck ~~' I'm not having time for myself recently....


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